Hot Shots: Vol 3 by Stephen B. Pearl, S.J. Drum, Natasha Knight, Missy Starrk, D.S. Gersen


Three Parts Love by Stephen B. Pearl

Wyn and Will, a passionate married couple, celebrate their anniversary and rediscover a love that extends through body, mind and spirit, uniting them at all levels of their being.

The Cage by S.J. Drum

Jason’s sex life consists of missionary sex with his wife Genny and unsatisfying solo-orgasms in the shower. Until she shocks him with an erotic confession and a request to visit a sex club! Genny wants to bring a third person into their bed and Jason is willing to come along for the ride.

Shame by Natasha Knight

When Sarah agrees to a weekend with Michael, she knows full well what she’s in for. Michael is an experienced Dom who sees Sarah’s secret desire to submit. He won’t spare the whip, but administered with love, can he free Sarah of her shame?

Happy Anniversary by Missy Starrk

As they say, “Hell hath no fury…” Her man is coming home late on their anniversary night. He is going to have to make it up to her or else!

Closing the Door by D.S. Gersen

The sexy student in the office is every professor’s fantasy, but what will he do when his fantasy starts coming true?