The Rescued Heart by Madeleine McDonald


When a family friend invites widow Ellen Ross to the Basel art fair, she stifles her misgivings and takes a hesitant step toward healing. Yet it is an accidental meeting with youthful Swiss artist Christian Karl that offers her an escape from grief. Captivated by his zest for life, she is shaken on her return to find she carries his child.

Christian takes pride in seeing through the facades his sitters present to him. When he paints Ellen, he sees passion and courage beneath the prim, conventional shell she shows the world. Despite her denial, he cannot believe his instinct has betrayed him. To find the truth, he must pursue his love to her native Scotland.

Face-to-face again, Ellen must decide–can she accept Christian’s optimistic approach to life and take a gamble on their future? Or will pride force her to reject him?